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You were wonderful at the Spring Fling concert!

You had a beautiful tone and a very expressive delivery of the melodies. 

Your playing was so musical that we were immediately put at ease and swept away with the music.   So many people commented on how beautiful your presentation was. Everyone enjoyed it!   We can't thank you enough for sharing all your hard work and talent with us for the Spring Fling!   It was great!  

~ Paul Baker ~

I was fortunate to have a great

opportunity to listen to Miriam

Suzuki’s performance right in front of my eyes.  Her music touched me so deeply and made me cry. During her performance,  she told us her episodes and how each song was so special to her.  Her passion, her love, her caring heart and her gentle smile, you can FEEL all these when you listen to her music.   Looking forward to feeling her music soon.       

                                   ~ A. Honaker ~

Your playing is beautiful, ennobling and celestial.  Thank you so much for playing for us.         ~Ramona Clark (Santa Barbara) ~

It isn’t often I find myself writing a review for a musician who plays the stand-up harp. In this case, I feel almost compelled to do this because of the sheer beauty you bring while strumming and plucking those strings. I have been in the music industry for 40 plus years as a manager, an event /concert producer and Digital Recording Music Producer, and this has been a first for me. I share this not to brag but to highlight my amazement and sense of delight I experience when I hear Ms. Suzuki play her harps on stage. The Harp is such a unique instrument, and in the past, my interaction with professionals who profess to play the Harp have been good but nothing like the sounds she commands when she envelops the room with her inimitable talent playing the harp.  I always look forward to the opportunity of hearing her play in concert and would suggest to any individual or another professional artist to take the time to listen to Miriam play. She addresses the Harp as though it is an extension of herself and without question makes it is a rare treat to hear her play.  I wish you much success with your career and excited to hear about your next concert.                                          

                ~ Your fan,  Gary S. Monroe  (MERG Music) ~

It has been my privilege to play chamber music with this amazing harpist. Her talent, intelligence, musical sensibility and sensitivity are only matched by her thoughtfulness and kindness toward others.     

                ~ Dr. Daniel M. McGann ~


Beautiful harp music, and lovely to work with Miriam!"   

                ~ Brian Elerding      (Executive Director of Lineage   Performing Arts Center)  ~

Her music is not only soothing but also touches my heart and soul.  

I am a big fan.          ~ Noriko Paulsen ~

Such a charming lady showed up in the blue dress, starting conversation with jokes, explaining her songs which mixes Baroque and Flamenco.  Can it be??   Beautiful rhythm,  smooth transition, I was just pulled into

her amazing world of harp solo!!     Was fantastic.   Very lovely concert I attended.                  ~ Ai Kakuta ~


Harp and Koto blend Eastern and Western musical traditions, genres and moods - from Japanese folk songs to European classical melodies to 70's rock - to transcend time and place and produce a unique emotional and spiritual experience.        ~Meher McArthur   (LA-based art curator, author     & educator Creative Director of Pasadena Storrier Stearns) ~


My wife and I brought our 3 month old child to his first live music... The music of Miriam Suzuki, part of a Harp and Koto duo.  Her playing made for a beautiful and memorable time for our new family to have!                                                        ~ Edward A Schultheis ~

I first fell in love with the sound of the harp at Miriam Suzuki's concert. My soul was touched by the magical music she played. 

This inspired me to take lessons from her.  She is a wonderful teacher!  She has taught me very well and has helped build my confidence in playing the harp. She is very encouraging and lessons are always fun. Miriam gives me the freedom to choose the songs that I want to learn and she beautifully arranges the music to suite a beginner like myself.  

                              Akiko Kimizuka (Hypnotherapist)

Concert held in Tokyo was from classic to rock music. So incredible and amazing!!

                                 ~Keiko Nawa (Fashion color stylist) ~


Beautiful! I listened with my heart, forgot all my problems and enjoyed the music!     ~Nancy T Keen~

My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon filled with beautiful music. The performance was extraordinary. I especially loved the flamenco arrangement. It was so unique...wanted to start dancing!! :) Thank you both so very much! Looking forward to your next concert!

                               ~S Louie Pedder~

I’d never heard either instrument live before and was amazed at the range of music they could create. The baroque piece was my favorite and left me awed. Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend the concert!  It was a very memorable day.    ~K. Cowles~



Miriam Suzuki

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