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Surrounded by a musical family, Miriam started her musical journey with a piano at the age of five. Two years later, she discovered what would be the passion of her life: the harp. However at the time of her family relocation from Kyoto, she could not continue the harp lessons.  She continued playing the piano and went to study in Helsinki, Finland.  In 1983, she moved to Southern California, where she explored the world of composition and decided to begin the harp again in order to develop her own distinctive sound.  Her fusion of genres is clearly influenced by her cultural background and life experiences.  Los Angeles has been a constant inspiration for her, adding a unique multicultural touch to her repertoire.


The blending of cultures, ideas, and media spurred her to try a mixture of her own, partnering with Saeko Kujiraoka, a Koto player, to form the Harp & Koto Duo. The traditional Japanese instrument adds a unique resonance when paired with the harp, creating a poetic tribute to the cultural diversity that makes her who she is today.  Continuing on her musical journey, Miriam recently performed with Grammy award-winning Koto player, Yukiko Matsuyama, and together they charmed the audience.

Miriam Suzuki has dedicated to the pursuit of lyrical, inspirational music that touches the heart.

Miriam writes her own music and composes her harp arrangements, always in pursuit of an original and pure sound. She spreads beauty and joy with concerts at cultural events, receptions, and museums.  Miriam has played at a variety of venues including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Bing Theater, Huntington Library, Japanese American National Museum, Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden in Pasadena, Ginza Jyujiya, Kakian  (Tokyo), Matsumotokinen Concert Hall (Tokyo) and Fukuyama Art & Culture Hall. She also enjoys recording for both the film and music industries.


Miriam Suzuki

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